Monday, August 04, 2008

Bekind Rewind....

Before I start talking about my weekend. I just want to say thanks for coming on my page and reading my life. But dude who is from Oslo, Oslo. I mean thanks for coming to my page but you come a lot and I’m like WHOA. Haha

So let me recap this weekend. So from Friday through Sunday afternoon Kristi and I was in Kihei and there was a lot of things going on I have pictures to prove it so on Friday night everyone came over and just chilled, drink and smoke hookah. It was a drama night seriously. I am not going to mention any names but ya, DRAMAS. And then my I had my shut down mode where I felt left out and out of place so kept to myself in the house. And when Kevin came home I told him how I felt and he tried to make things better somehow, Thanks Babe (for once) lmfao.

Then later on in the morning let me just say “I’M DONE” it’s a inside joke.

Saturday I came black, or just a tad-bit darker we went owama fishing at the reserve. It was fun, daymn fishes. I had five attempts but only one catch. Haha was so funny my arms are so short that they gave me a net to try and catch the fish and that’s how I caught my one. But it was uncle, Kevin, Ande, David and I at the beach. Kristi was home with aunty. David took kevins boogie board and hit the waves. =)

Then later on that night went to wall-e world. (Walmart for those who haven’t seen Ickest) After wall-e world went back to the house and cruise. Kevin wanted to hookah so he did. He acted as if he was like stoned. It was the funniest shit ever. I’ll try to find someplace to upload it cause its supper buss laugh. But that’s about it went home early on Sunday caused I worked.
I’m so happy I started work. I so need the money. But ya that’s my weekend.

Later – amber

-pictures are in no particular order-

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