Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Recap

I really really need to vent. My weekend was full of emotions. On thursday me and the two girls went over to kihei, knowing that Dez was leaving the day after. So ande threw a going away cookout for her at the house it was fun in the beginning until some random people came to the house and not introduce themselves. Ande made it supper clear that he was pissed, cause hell only rude they come over to someones house no introduce and just sit the fuck down. I'm glad he said that something cause it's seriously fucked up.

But any ways I was starting to get annoyed by Kevin because he just left and went in the back to gamble, and I’m like, whoa you promised me you wouldn’t. Like for my situation his promises are like nothing to him. So I can’t trust him seriously. So he was gambling and how he complains about having money, like WHY ARE YOU EVEN GAMBLING ANYWAYS..?!

So he gambled and I gave him the eye to know I was mad and he knew I was but he kept on going. I went back so much times I was getting so irritated. Then I sat down next to him kicking him and he still never stop. He only when stop when Uncle brought Reanne in the back. Then his friends was like what ahh last round blah blah blah, oh Kevin you bank and he started to deal the cards and I was like do you even have fuckin money. And I took Reanne and walked away. I was so mad at him. Daymn I’m mad at him right now cause he suppose to be home at 11 its almost 11:30 and no phone call from him. See that’s another PROMISE he broke. Fcuk I’m so sick of it.

More worse the next day when I went to work, I found out that my supervisor and boss is assuming that I’m stealing money “AGAIN” yup this isn’t the first.. How messed up is this. I mean common why would I do that when I just came back to work. Fcuk just because on the days I’m working were somehow short, fcuk look at how we do paper its so daymn complicating now shit get over it maybe you just fucked up on the paper work to say were short. Fcukin shit. UGH.

How lucky am I, I found out something else that made me even more mad. This person I thought I trusted is a stupid conniving son-of-a-bitch. He told somebody something about me and my daughter. Shit I can understand me but fuck he crossed the line when he included my daughter. That is fucking wrong. How dare you. You can’t go around saying someone else’s business if it has nothing to do with you stupid fuck. And just because she doesn’t look like Kevin doesn’t mean I cheated on him. How the fuck can you tell seriously she’s not even 3 months. Fuck parental features doesn’t show until later. Ugh then he downgraded my daughter saying something even more fucked up (not going to post it because ya, its personal and shit) Plus if this was a joke, its not a very good one, that kind of joke breaks up families. Its not even close to be considered joke, its joking when that person is there but if its behind their back then its fuckin not considered joking..! So when I see him next time I’m am going to fucking explode. Forreal fuck just thinking about it makes me want to fuckin “RAGE”.

So the picture above is for him (I did that at work tonight, cause I was boredddd)
But ya that’s my venting part. Moving on to my non-venting part of this blog.
My daughter Reanne is finally the BIG ONE..! One year went by very fast, I still remember when I was a junior in high school and everyone asking are you pregnant and I said no. Then I broke down and cried and said yes I am to my mom. Then my 3 baby showers I was given. Then she came. Aww my sweet little baby girl Reanne. I admit I get mad at her for the stupidest things but I love her so much she means the world to me, even Kristi my two girls are my everything. I’d do anything for them. And then next year Kristi will be one. Then Reanne will be two then aww, man can we just PAUSE LIFE for a second cause I never want them to get big. I want to remember this when they were little you know. Now that Reanne is one, I cant hold her the way I held her in the hospital. She’s getting so big, so fast it just makes me want to cry because shes my first born. I love both of my girls evenly I just wish they won’t grow up too fast. Huh… I love it.
So recap Dez’s flight got delayed so she stayed in Oahu for the night and guess what, that girl is back on Maui. Suckin Dez ahh you just wanted for see us cry ahh. Haha keeding but I have so much pictures I’m going to post those bitches.

Yay for fag-hags huh =) You so gottah love them Gays..!

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  1. I feel ya on this one. I love you and the babies! :)