Friday, October 31, 2008

A Talk I Won't Forget...

Hey everyone well it’s been a while since I’ve last blogged, and I would like to say sorry I haven’t been blogging in a while. Well I know for some while now I have been VICTIMIZING myself, into getting every bodies attention, and I would like to take the time to honestly apologize to everyone.

I’m sorry if I had made anyone to be very furious with me; I honestly wasn’t think straight at the time and wasn’t thinking about the consequences. Please forgive me.

I had a heart on heart talk with someone who made me realize all of this and I’m glad he told me everything, well everything I needed to hear and I didn’t know how people saw me but anyways he set things straight with me.

I don’t know what is wrong with me, I want to think I’m still in a depression phase but I don’t want to say that as an excuse no longer more. But how he told me was maybe I’m trying to find myself, wait set back who am I really..? I no longer know who myself is, me as a person.

But from the feedback I got it wasn’t good nor bad it just made me want to change. I need to change to better relationships with others. I don’t want to lose friendships because of how I react to things and I no longer want people to pitty me.
I want to change honestly I do. I want to be me, the real me. But who is that girl everyone once knew..?

I’m going to change it might take me a while but I’m going to do this.
But this goes out to Kevin, Ande, David, Aleina, Jerrica, Mj, Aunty, Uncle and everyone whom I hurt I’m sorry and I really mean it I didn’t to make you mad at me or any feelings towards me awkard. It’s my fault and now I realize that please I hope I can make our relationship how it was in the past. I’m really ashamed at myself for acting how I did, it was stupid, dumb and childish please forgive me. Love you guys.

- Amber

p.s thanks Ande for the talk, we didn't have one in a long time. I needed it...

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  1. awww! Just remember are a strong person!!! FINDING yourself is tough..I want to congratulate you on taking a bold step and apologizing and looking at life different. Sometimes in life we need a slap in the face, i sure have those moments.

    Remember, we all love you!! COME BACK TO US DAGUPZ!! =) heheheheheheeehee